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ERNICA is the European Refence Network for rare Inherited and Congenital (digestive and gastrointestinal) Anomalies. 

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ERNICA is a network of expert multi-disciplinary healthcare professionals from specialised healthcare providers across Europe. The network was officially launched in March 2017. ERNICA is coordinated form Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, the Netherlands. 



ERNICA aims to pool together disease-specific expertise, knowledge and resources on rare inherited and congenital anomalies from across Europe to achieve health goals that may otherwise be unachievable in a single country.



ERNICA aims to reduce health inequalities across Europe by standardising practices, facilitating research and making high-quality care, information and resources accessible to healthcare providers, patients and their families/carers across Europe, regardless of where they are located. 

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European Reference Networks

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ERNICA members & partners

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ERNICA organisation and structure

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How can ERNICA support me?

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ERNICA collaborations and networking partners

In pursuing our mission, vision and aims, the ERNICA network works together with other expert rare disease networks. ERNICA is part of the European Rare Disease Research Coordination and Support Action consortium (ERICA), in which all 24 ERNs take part, where we work together in all ERNs on research and innovation. On a European level, ERNICA also takes part in the European Joint Programme on Rare Diseases (EJP RD). 

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