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Sexual support 

How can an anorectal malformation (anal atresia) or Hirschsprung's disease affect sexuality? what ban be different than in others without these conditions? What can we encouter and how can you deal with it? 

You can find answers to these types of questions right here. 

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ERNICA has developed a dedicated sexual support website aimed at assisting patients living with anorectal malformation and/or Hirschsprung's disease, along with their parents and healthcare professionals involved in their care. This website offers comprehensive answers to your questions about intimacy, sex, sexuality and sexual development. The website's content, originally in Dutch, has been translated into English and adapted (where relevant) for an international audience.



The orginal version of the website (in Dutch) was developed by project group 'SO' (Seksuele Ondersteuning anorectale malformatie & ziekte van Hirschsprung) in close collaboration with patients and specialist practitioners in the Netherlands. See research paper by Violet Petits-Steeghs et al. (2020) for more information on the project.


Do you want to help us improve this website or give feedback?


ERNICA and eUROGEN are collecting anonymous information from website users to evaluate the use, applicability, expected empowerment effect and experience of this sexual support website tool on healthcare professionals, patients, parents and other relations on an international level. This evaluation aims to identify areas where the website can be improved to ensure it is fit for purpose and meets the needs of users. It may also help to shape new resources or initiatives in the future. Find out more here.

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